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Happy New Year followers. It’s 2013 and we are all ready for new and exciting movies to come, but let’s take a look back at the best and worst of 2012. First up is Hunger Games, although not really on the Couch Geek list for 2012, we still went to see it. The movie was not quite what we expected it to be, but it wasn’t the worst of 2012. We felt that the director left out so much for the film and could have done a much better job on Katniss. Next Wrath of the Titans….Well…. let’s just move on. Cabin in the Woods really earned its place for the thumbs up list for us. Why you ask? Well the movie was not meant to be a true horror film, but a tribute to all the horror and thriller movies in history. Don’t agree? Go back to watch it, we know you will agree.

The Avengers was completely amazing. This movie really kicked some serious ass, as did the cast. This was by far the best of 2012 for us, even though some of the cast picks we really didn’t agree with, we still went to see it 3 days in a row. In May the long awaited Men in Black III, and what an amazing job. We have to say that it was a long time between 2 and 3 but wow what a job they did keeping the story and what an ending. June brought us Prometheus. Watching this movie was like drinking too much and waking up to a disaster. What was wrong with this movie? EVERYTHING! Also in June Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, who knew that our 16th President was a badass vampire killer? What was so great about this movie is they were able to take historical fact and make it work with the movie. Good job!

The Amazing Spider Man, what can be said it was AMAZING! Makes you forget about the Toby McGuire mistakes that preceded this. Dark Knight Rises was another disappointment for us and there are really just too many reasons to list so, on we go. Total Recall was a total disaster and they called it a remake? The story was supposed to be about Mars, not Earth. The Expendables 2 came to rescue just when we thought that the 2012 movie year was about to come crashing down. The movie included some of our favorite action heroes all together on one screen. Lawless, Looper, Resident Evil 5 and Iron Sky were movies we weren’t able to catch in theaters due to our busy schedules, but we have now seen them and can add them to the list of the best of 2012. If you saw them, well you know why.

Dredd a remake of the 1995 Judge Dredd was quite the ride. A great job on remaking the movie and so much better than the original but you know you still love it. For November Sky Fall and Lincoln stole the show. Skyfall just confirms that Daniel Craig and his takeover of the James Bond movie series has been the best ever, while Daniel Day-Lewis gave us an intimate view of our 16th President. We ended 2012 with 2 of the most awaited movies for us at Couch Geek. The Hobbit we were excited from the moment we heard that it was in the works, and what a disappointment. Unlike The Lord of the Rings, we felt they took so long so make but went lazy with the Orcs and used CGI instead of real people. All we can say is it provided us with a few short naps during the 2 hours and 49 minutes that we sat there. Les Miserables ended the year for us on a better note and a few tugs at our hearts. The cinematography was just amazing and recording the actors singing live was a very smart decision. It was a Broadway show on the big screen. Some may not have liked it because of the lack of dialogue but it did was it was suppose to and we believe it will clean up at the Oscars.

So that’s it folks, our rather lengthy review of the 2012 movie year. Let us know what you think; we always love to hear from our fans and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @CouchGeek and

Mass Effect 3

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If you haven’t already seen the trailer, you must be living in a cave. Mass Effect 3 is just days away from its March 6th release and all we can say is OH MY GOD! Here at Couch Geek we see the trailer a few times a day just about and for that little amount of time get sucked in as if we are sitting at a movie Premier. You almost forget that it’s a game when the trailer starts, until you see Commander Shepard slowly walking through the debris and destruction  in all of his awesomeness! He is back and ready to kick ass and take names later  alongside his crew in efforts to take back earth.

Why isn’t this a movie already? The Mass Effect 3 trailer has you on the edge of your seat wanting more. The graphics are amazing and the action gets your heart pounding and holding your breath, which is more than  can be said about most movies out right now * Cough* you suck Hollywood *Cough*.  So how about it Bioware? Step it up and give us all something that Hollywood has denied us all for so long. The story is there, the action, and totally worth the $14 and 2 hours, make this a movie and records would be broken. As always leave a comment and let us know what you think.  If you haven’t already done so, follow us on and