Movie evenings – Reviews of The Lorax, The Watch and Total Recall

Posted: February 10, 2013 by Andrew in Movies and Trailers
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My better half and I again sat down to watch a movie per evening for three days. This time around we watched The Lorax, The Watch and Total Recall. Like my last ‘movie evenings review’ blog post, I won’t provide a synopsis of the movies I’m reviewing, but have again embedded the trailers to help give you an overview.

Evening 1 – The Lorax 3/5

The Lorax is based upon a Dr. Seuss story, and after being impressed by Horton Hears a Who!, I was looking forward to this story. This animation doesn’t have the punch and pizzazz as the Horton movie, but it is in a different league to the disappointing ‘Brave’, which I watched recently.

With a great voice cast, including Danny DeVito as the Lorax, both the vocals and visuals did the storyline justice. The movie is filled with plenty of laughs and coming in at 86 minutes, doesn’t outstay its welcome. It wouldn’t probably make it into my top ten list of animations (if I ever created a list!), but it was good to watch.

Evening 2 – The Watch 2/5

The Watch is a Ben Stiller comedy with Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. I’ve enjoyed Ben in ‘Meet the Fockers’ and ‘Night at the Museum’, so was hopeful this was a better than average comedy.

This movie isn’t a great comedy, and many supposed funny moments are somewhat lacking. I do enjoy watching American comedies and I did enjoy some parts, but it is a movie I intend to never watch again. If you want to watch a Ben Stiller movie, then watch ‘Night at the Museum’, as it is superior. If you want to watch a Vince Vaughn movie, then watch ‘Wedding Crashers’, as it is a better comedy.

Evening 3 – Total Recall 4/5

I loved Arnold Schwarzenegger’s version of Total Recall, and was excited to see what a version with the latest special effects could offer. Plus it was good to see a movie with two strong female roles, being acted by Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.

I enjoyed this movie, but know I would of enjoyed it more if I had never seen the original, and especially didn’t keep mentally comparing the two throughout watching!

The special effects didn’t disappoint, but the storyline did at times. Bill Nighy’s character was disappointingly little used, which was a huge shame. I would say the original Total Recall has more oomph, with a superior storyline. However Colin Farrell’s version is definitely a great watch, and there is no lack of action and grand special effects. The pace of the remake keeps the story flowing smoothly, and it did bring its own personality to the table, and isn’t just a remake.

About the author: This guest post was written by Andrew, a thirty-something Englishman who devours too much tea and biscuits.

  1. Saw all three of these and wasn’t nearly as kind to them as you were!

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