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Welcome to couchgeek, your source for all things geeky and freaky. What does that mean? Well, at couchgeek we will be discussing everything from comic books to video games. PCs to Macs, all the latest gadgets and everything in between. Occasionally, we will let you in on the latest movie rumors and post new trailers for your viewing enjoyment, and every now and then we’ll review any movie that strikes our fancy, or your fancy for that matter. Fancy that! Anywho, let us know what topics you want to read about and we will be sure to write it up. Also, if you have any questions be sure to post them here or on our twitter page at twitter.com/couch_geek or email us at couchgeek01@gmail.com. So hit us up, tell us what you want to read about, If we like it, we will publish it or feature it on our upcoming web show. So get those emails in and lets get this mutha started!

  1. iamjanetlee says:

    Cant wait to read more!

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