Posted: January 26, 2012 by johnnyrentas in Hot Apps

OK, so You have an iPhone or Android device, and you love horror movies but you’re sick of the crap that Hollywood endlessly regurgitates. Maybe you have ideas brewing and think you can do better. Well hold on to your potatoes, head over to your iPhone or Android app store and download Popcorn Horror. You don’t need a production company mega-budget, expensive cameras, lights or pretty sparkly teens. Shoot a 1 to 20 minute movie, submit it to Popcorn Horror and they do the rest. You can even get paid if they accept your movie. Looks like you’re all out of excuses. So get out there, get to work and lets see what you can do!

  1. iamjanetlee says:

    I think this app is awesome. People really need to put on their creativity hats and put Hollywood to shame as they should be. Make movies how they should be, exiting and not an excuse to take a nap Zzzzz

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